Specialists in document shredding & data destruction
Unit 4. St. Georges Estate
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What our clients say

Can I just say how impressed I was by your service. We had been using a national outfit previously and found them disinterested to say the least. Your collection chap was friendly and altogether we felt that we had an excellent service.

Bob Head
Rotronics Systems Ltd

Useful Shredding/Recycling Tips and Advice

Identity theft has assumed gargantuan and scary proportions in our world today and what used to obtain in the past is no longer sufficient. Check out these statistics:

  • According to a 2009 report by the Financial Fraud Action UK, over 233 million pounds got lost to identity theft during the first 6 months of the year.
  • In 2006 some researched carried out a survey and found out that about 97 percent of UK residents regularly threw out documents that revealed their full names, address, sex, title and postcode. That’s like 21 million households! Little wonder then that identity fraud keeps rising.
  • Another research revealed that about 46 percent of UK residents throw out documents containing their bank account numbers and sort codes! Really, what else do identity thieves need to operate?
  • According to CIFAS, the fraud prevention service of the UK, 89000 residents were victims of identity theft in 2010. Also, almost 50 percent of frauds in the UK are due to identity fraud or theft.

Given the numbers above, you can’t afford not to be bothered or you could also become part of the statistics above. Well, in case you have been a victim in the past, it also won’t do you any good to fall victim again. After all, the saying goes that once bitten, twice shy!

Preventing Identity Theft

Even though identity thieves are getting more sophisticated every day and learning how to breach businesses’ security systems, you can still minimize the potential of becoming a target or victim by following the tips below.

Office and Home Document Shredding

By now, whether you are an individual or an organization you should know that the disposal of your documents is very vital to security. Gone are the days when you could just throw out documents containing sensitive information without first ensuring that these documents won’t get into the wrong hands. Today, you have to ensure that these documents are properly shredded before disposing of them—and it goes beyond just getting a shredder. Do you know that there are some identity thieves that actually piece shredded papers together in a bid to extract information? This is why you can’t be caught napping!

IT Recycling and Hard Drive Data Destruction

Apart from paper shredding, you also have to guard intensely against identity theft resulting from information gotten off your computers. A lot of people typically discard their IT hardware without first wiping off sensitive information on them. Yes, you may think just deleting them should suffice but here’s a newsflash for you: it doesn’t! there are so many programs that can be used to obtain information from hard drives and other memory devices—another reason why you can’t afford not to be protected.

Stream Shredding Provides the Ultimate Solution

The data protection industry has developed a lot in recent years and it keeps developing. In order to keep up, you need to allow reputable professionals manage your data protection/destruction system and this is what we specialize in at Stream Shredding. You can count on receiving the best in shredding/data protection and destruction services. Our services include:

  • Drop In and Watch: You can actually drop off your documents personally and watch us as we process and shred them.
  • Office Shredding: Our flexible office shredding collection solutions will meet your organization's needs-whatever they may be.
  • IT Recycling: Don't just throw out your redundant IT equipment; let us handle them for you in a security-conscious and environmentally friendly manner. We even do this free when you use some of our collection services.
  • Hard Drive and Disc Destruction: we will help you destroy your hard drive, optic and zip disks, magnetic tapes and optical media like DVDs, CDs, HD DVD and Blue Ray so that you won't be vulnerable to security breaches.

Our range of services tailored for different businesses include collection, confidential destruction and recycling of documents and IT hardware. You can access these services on a one-off or regular basis. Our customers are at a great advantage because they can leverage on our setup and experience in the business to provide a secure, confidential, environmentally friendly and cost effective system to protect their sensitive documents.

Specialists in document shredding & data destruction
Unit 4. St. Georges Estate
Wilton Road, CAMBERLEY, GU15 2QW

Tel: 012 76 536 366
emai: ask@streamshredding.co.uk

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