Specialists in document shredding & data destruction
Unit 4. St. Georges Estate
Wilton Road, CAMBERLEY, GU15 2QW

Tel: 012 76 536 366
emai: ask@streamshredding.co.uk

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What our clients say

Can I just say how impressed I was by your service. We had been using a national outfit previously and found them disinterested to say the least. Your collection chap was friendly and altogether we felt that we had an excellent service.

Bob Head
Rotronics Systems Ltd

Our Services

At Stream Shredding, we offer businesses and households in the Camberley area a range of bespoke shredding and recycling services. We realize the importance of data security at this time and it is this realization that is responsible for our complete dedication to highly professional, confidential and competitive shredding and recycling services. Not only are our services affordable, they are also very flexible and can accommodate your needs-whatever they may be.

Drop in and Watch Shredding

At Stream Shredding, we actively encourage our customers who can afford the time to drop off their documents and items for shredding and recycling. This service is like a 2-edged sword. First, when you drop off your documents for shredding at our facility, you don’t get to pay as much as if we come to collect them. This is because we charge 50p per kilo without any limit on quantity (no minimal collection charge). Secondly, watching us shred your documents gives a lot of our customers extra peace of mind that their redundant documents and computer IT products have been properly disposed of in addition to the Certificate of Destruction we issue after the whole process.

Our Drop in and Watch service only requires you to bring your documents to our facility during working hours (Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 5pm) and our security vetted team will take over from that point starting with unloading your vehicle, weighing and processing the documents for shredding even while you watch from a secure area.

Office Shredding Collections

Our shredding and data destruction services are tailored both for households and also for businesses and offices. We offer 3 categories of office shredding services and each category is done under the strictest level of confidentiality. Our dedicated service team will work with you to ensure that you benefit from the most cost effective document shredding solution for your business concern.

  • One-Off Office Shredding Collections: Here, we offer our customers the opportunity of getting a feel for the professional shredding services we offer to a range of businesses without any obligation. You can call our office for a quotation or if this is not possible, a member of our team can come over to your office to assess the quantity and give you a quote without any obligation. We provide security sacks for you to store your documents and come over to pick them up on a pre-arranged date. When you use this one-off service, you are also entitled to free recycling of redundant IT products and other items.

  • Scheduled Shredding Collections: Once first time customers have gained confidence in our services after using our One-Off service, they move on to more regular arrangements like the Scheduled Shredding Collections. Here, we come to your office following predetermined schedules or intervals to pick up your shredding bin or sack for processing. We maintain an unbroken chain of secure handling right from your office till we get to our facility where the documents are processed, shredded, baled and recycled. At the end, you are issued a Certificate of Destruction. Offices that use this service are also entitled to free recycling services for non-hazardous IT products and other items.

  • Office Shredding Drop In: In this third category of office shredding services, you can have your documents shredded at a cheaper rate and have fun watching your documents get shredded at our facility. A lot of our customers do this for that extra peace of mind that comes with watching their documents shredded, confident that they are complying with the Data Protection Act.

IT Recycling

Our IT Recycling service is borne out of the need for preventing identity theft and security breaches that may arise from your redundant computer and IT products getting into the wrong hands and in compliance with WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive. We collect your IT equipment from your office at a pre-determined date and transport them to our facility where they are sorted, processed and recycled according to WEEE regulations. At the end, you are issued a Certificate of Destruction for your records. Alternatively, you can also drop off the IT equipment at our facility during working hours (Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 5pm).

Hard Drive and Disc Destruction

Our Hard Drive and Disc Destruction services at Stream Shredding provide 100% security for our customers because the data on discarded hard drives is completely and permanently destroyed so that identity thieves do not gain access to confidential information. What a lot of people don’t know is that simply erasing or deleting information from hard drives is not enough. Most times, these methods just delete the directories, leaving the actual data untouched and your company vulnerable to security breaches. At Stream Shredding, our secure hard drive drilling processes ensure that information you need destroyed stays that way!

Specialists in document shredding & data destruction
Unit 4. St. Georges Estate
Wilton Road, CAMBERLEY, GU15 2QW

Tel: 012 76 536 366
emai: ask@streamshredding.co.uk

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