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What our clients say

Can I just say how impressed I was by your service. We had been using a national outfit previously and found them disinterested to say the least. Your collection chap was friendly and altogether we felt that we had an excellent service.

Bob Head
Rotronics Systems Ltd

Hard Drive and Disc Destruction

Did you know that information stored on hard drives can be restored and reconstructed even after they are wiped or degaussed? Digital forensic technologies now enable anyone with the right set of skills to restore even the most severely damaged files and data without an issue, which is why proper hard drive destruction is necessary every time you are discarding old hard drives.

Our Services

We at The Shredding Company offers a number of services that will help you securely dispose your old hard drives; you can rest assured knowing that no one will try to restore sensitive files or steal your information. Disposing old, unused hard drives safely is also a responsible thing to do since it helps reduce the toxic waste that can be highly damaging to the environment.

Secure Data Destruction

Using proper techniques, we can help you destroy your computer files – and the physical hard drive itself – safely. A series of holes are drilled through your hard drive; careful placement of these holes will make data reconstruction absolutely impossible.

We acknowledge that there are different methods of safely destroying a hard drive, which is why we offer a number of alternatives as well. Aside from Secure Drilling of Hard Drives, you can also ask for the data destruction to be performed using other methods.

Secure Collection of Hard Drives

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of throwing away your old hard drives, we can also arrange a secure pick-up for you. Our experienced courier will come to your home or office and collect old hard drives you want to get rid of. In return, you will get a receipt stating that your hard drives are going to be processed accordingly.

It is also possible to drop the hard drives yourself should you feel necessary. We allow our clients to witness the data destruction process for their maximum satisfaction; feel free to contact us and schedule your hard drive shredding.

Comprehensive Reporting

A Certificate of Destruction is supplied as part of our services. The certificate will list all the steps taken during the hard drive shredding process, along with details regarding our Environment Agency License and the standards we apply throughout the process.

In order for hard drives to be disposed of properly, certain regulations must be followed. The WEEE regulations govern the disposal of electronic waste – including hard drives and other data storage hardware – to ensure maximum safety to the environment.

Added Services

Aside from the primary services, we also offer a number of extra services to satisfy our clients further. Among the extra services you can benefit from are DVD and optical discs shredding, full reporting of large projects and quick collection and completion regardless of the scale of your project. You can even have the shredded hard drives delivered back to you for maximum safety.

Optical Discs Shredding

CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are just as easy to restore as your hard drives. Whether you are throwing away backup DVDs or old copies of important documents, it is necessary to make sure that they are destroyed properly to avoid a security breach.

For maximum safety, let us handle the process of shredding optical discs for you. You don’t have to worry about the possibility of data reconstruction once the process is completed.

Full Reporting

Disposing multiple hard drives? Track the destruction of each disk with the help of our comprehensive project report. Each hard drive is labelled using barcode for easy tracking and you will get a comprehensive report every step of the way.

One of the greatest risks of using a hard drive disposal service when shredding multiple disks is the lack of control during the shredding process. This may lead to a serious security threat, especially if the hard drives you are destroying contains important corporate files and other sensitive materials. We eliminate this threat with the help of our detailed control and reporting workflow.

Fast Collections

Do you need your hard drives to be thrown away and shredded quickly? Then we are the right service provider you can count on. Collections can be arranged quickly; all hard drives are collected within 72 hours after you file a request.

The shredding project itself can be completed quickly without neglecting security standards and attention to details throughout the process.

Receive Your Shredded Hard Drives

When security is a serious concern, there is no such thing as going too far. We understand the need to ensure proper data destruction, especially when dealing with sensitive and important files. Shredded hard drives can be returned to clients upon request. You should be able to inspect first-hand just how well we eliminate the possibility of data reconstruction through our meticulous process.

Who Should Use Data Shredding Services?

Anyone from individuals to large corporations need to dispose their old drives properly for maximum information security. Personal credit card information and other details, for example, can actually be retrieved from your hard drives when they are replaced and thrown away without proper data destruction.

Organizations of different sizes can surely benefit from hard disk shredding services. R&D files, secret documents of the company’s operations, financial reports and other important files must be destroyed properly before the physical hard drives can be thrown away safely.

Hard Drive Shredding vs. Data Wiping

As mentioned earlier, data wiping is not always the best solution if security is your primary concern. Wiped files can still be reconstructed using the right software and tools. This is one of the reasons why we don’t offer degaussing or data wiping as part of our service line-up.

Aside from its lack of assurance, data wiping is also less secured simply because you would have to reconnect the hard drive and test it at the end of the process. Footprints from the computer used to wipe the data along with old files that hasn’t been wiped properly can pose a serious information security threat nonetheless.

Contact Us

For hard drive destruction services you can count on, contact us immediately. We handle different storage media including:

  • Hard drives.
  • Magnetic tapes.
  • Floppy disks.
  • Optical discs.
  • Zip disks.

You don’t have to worry about security risks with us handling the data destruction process.

For detailed information on our prices, please call our office on 01276536366 or send an email to ask@streamshredding.co.uk.

Specialists in document shredding & data destruction
Unit 4. St. Georges Estate
Wilton Road, CAMBERLEY, GU15 2QW

Tel: 012 76 536 366
emai: ask@streamshredding.co.uk

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